Events & Achievements

19th July 2019


Our most deserving talent was bestowed with the precious responsibilities of leading the School with competence, commitment, confidence and responsibility.





1st Oct’16

A Swimming Competition was organized on 1st Oct’16 in the school premises for students of classes 3 to 8.

An Exhibition ( Science, Social Sc and Art) was also organised on 1st Oct’16.Students of all classes enthusiastically involved themselves, with  models, exhibits and charts. The efforts of the students was greatly appreciated by the parents.

28th Oct’16

As a part of Diwali celebration, various competitions were held.

Nur & Prep – Clay Diyas.

Class 1 – CD decoration.

Class 2 and 3 – Rangoli with paper cutouts

Class 4 & 5 – Best out of waste –

The proud winners are-

Diwali Celebration (Diya Holders)
1 Nischal V A I
2 Vidushi Singh IV B II
3 Chitransh V A III
Diwali Celebration (CreativeRangoli )
1 Arohi Maheshwari II B I
2 Shreshth Agrawal II B II
3 Khushi Shrama III B III
Diwali Celebration (CD Decoration )
1 Jatin Kumar I B I
2 Kavya I A I
3 Jashika I A II
Diwali Celebration ( Clay Diya)
1 Devansh Nur I
2 Sakshi Nur II
3 Manorma Nur III
Diwali Celebration ( Clay Diya)
1 Bhavya Prep I
2 Navdha Prep II
3 Mikita Prep III

Children’s Day celebration   14th Nov’16

Students of classes 5 to 8 left for a three day trip to Jaipur.

Children’s Day celebration was organized in the school on 19th Nov’16 for classes 1-5.Various games, picnics and celebrations were planned for the classes by their respective teachers.

Students of Nur & Prep were taken on a picnic to Jhal ka Pul . A drawing competition for Prep and colouring competition  for Nur students was held on the spot besides a few games.

The following were adjudged  winners –

Children’s Day Colouring Competition
1 Prakhar Nur I
2 Aashish Nur II
3 Sakshi Nur III
Children’s Day Drawing Competition
1 Vaishnavi Prep I
2 Mitika Prep II
3 Bhavya Prep III